QCS says thanks fur everything to graduating pups

A ceremony was held in Maryborough Correctional Centre today to celebrate the graduation of Tango and Tarzan, the latest pups to complete the Smart Pups program.

Prisoners help with training the assistance dogs as part of the program. The dogs will eventually be paired with children based on their ability to detect seizures, to help a child with disability with everyday life or as an anchor and companion to a child with autism.

Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin it was a great opportunity to help the Smart Pups program while also helping with prisoner rehabilitation.

“Training a dog in this program can improve a prisoner’s behaviour and assist them with learning new skills inside a correctional centre,” Commissioner Martin said.

“Prisoners learn to be adaptable to change, become less selfish and take pride in being able to give back to the community by helping to give children the support they need.

“These children can face tremendous challenges, and fully trained Smart Pups are a great help to their young owners and their families.”

The program is nothing to bark at with 23 pups already trained at Maryborough Correctional Centre. Once all training is complete, the pups can be placed with a child with disability somewhere in Australia or New Zealand.