Purpose & Types of parole orders

Parole is not a privilege or an entitlement. It is a method developed to prevent reoffending and plays an integral part in the criminal justice system. When making parole decisions, the Board’s highest priority will always be the safety of the community.

In Queensland there are two types of parole orders: a court-ordered parole order and board-ordered parole order:

  • A court-ordered parole order sets a fixed date for release to parole, which is determined by the sentencing court at the time of sentence.
  • A board-ordered parole order applies to prisoners sentenced to imprisonment with a parole eligibility date (as distinct from a set release date) and it is the Parole Board Queensland that determines when the prisoner is released to parole once the eligibility date is reached.

Whether a prisoner is entitled to a sentence that sets the release date or merely recommends eligibility for parole, depends upon the type of offence and the length of the term of imprisonment imposed.

Last updated: 24 June 2020