Strategic Plan

STRATEGIC PLAN: 2022 – 2026


The community is safer because the risk of re-offending is reduced.


To make independent, just and evidenced-based decisions where the highest priority is community safety.


  • We make the best decisions we can.
  • We respect human rights.
  • We respect diverse peoples and cultures.
  • We partner with First Nations people to improve outcomes.
  • We have strong collaborative relationships with other agencies.
  • We have a safe and positive workplace culture.


Enable and support strategic projects


  • Maintain and expand CERIP program.
  • Reduce the incidents of domestic violence through better informed parole decisions.
  • Give effect to court ordered immediate parole eligibility decisions.
  • Formalise partnerships with relevant stakeholders for strategic projects.

Improve operational efficiency


  • Working with the responsible agency to implement the recommendations of the independent review of Parole Board Queensland completed in 2022.

Provide best practice support for board member and staff


  • Improve professional development framework.
  • Support and implement Psychological Safety strategy.


Last updated: 18 May 2023