The Board is supported in the delivery of its statutory functions by a Secretariat and includes a small but dedicated Legal Services Unit comprised of lawyers.

The Legal Services Unit is led by its Director and has the primary role of providing legal services to the Board including preparing court documents, instructing counsel and personally appearing in complex matters on behalf of the Board. The Unit provides a consultancy role to both internal and external stakeholders, and manages a case load that includes No body, No parole and/or Terrorism related applications and judicial reviews.

The Secretariat is led by its Director, who reports directly to the President and Deputy Presidents of the Board. The Manager of the Secretariat, the Advisor (Rosters) and the Advisory (Business Services), report directly to the Director.

The role includes preparation of key submissions and ministerial reporting documents on behalf of the Board, recruitment and the induction of new Board Members, the development and maintenance of the Board’s communication framework and risk register, and the ongoing implementation of the Queensland Parole System Review recommendations. The Director is responsible for strategically leading and directing the Secretariat to ensure there is sufficient operational capacity and capability to effectively support the Board.

The Manager of the Secretariat ensures the provision of high quality and best practice administrative and operational support by the Secretariat. The Manager is responsible for human resource management, and the development, application and oversight of governance and strategy systems and processes.

The Advisor (Rosters) has a pivotal role in the Secretariat; one that has a significant impact on the daily running of the Board. This Officer must develop, amend and distribute the Meeting rosters, arrange for the backfill of any Member who is unavailable at any time, reconcile attendance schedules for Community Board Members, co-ordinate training, travel and access to electronic equipment for any Board Member.

The Advisor (Business Services) is responsible for payroll (excluding for the Community Board Members) and the financial administration of the Board; together with assisting with some of the human resource management logistics.

The other staff in the Secretariat report directly to one of three Senior Advisors who provide supervisory support and governance over staff and operations. The Secretariat officers are responsible for the administrative coordination and support of all processes and systems that ensure the daily running of the Board.

Last updated: 22 June 2020