Parole News


Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Pandemic has presented the Board with unforeseen challenges and I am indebted to the advice and efforts of staff at Parole Board Queensland in responding to the crisis. The Board has been proactive in establishing processes to – prioritise the consideration of parole applications by

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Proctor: On Parole – Not just a ‘get-out-of-jail-for-free’ card The April 2020 edition of Proctor featured and profiled the Parole Board Queensland. This was a tremendous highlight for the Board. Proctor is the flagship monthly magazine of the Queensland Law Society. It is the magazine for

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Visiting remote communities

The Parole Board goes to Queensland’s top-end The Torres Strait consists of 18 island and two Northern Peninsula Area communities; and covers an area from the tip of Cape York and north toward Papua New Guinea. In late September 2019, the President and both Deputy Presidents (the

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The COIPE Project

An innovative way to streamline the parole applications of prisoners who the sentencing courts decide are eligible for parole immediately from the day of their sentence. It by no means guarantees a prisoner’s release to parole; instead, it ensures that their application is considered by

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QCS says thanks fur everything to graduating pups

A ceremony was held in Maryborough Correctional Centre today to celebrate the graduation of Tango and Tarzan, the latest pups to complete the Smart Pups program. Prisoners help with training the assistance dogs as part of the program. The dogs will eventually be paired with children

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