Functions of the Board

The Parole Board Queensland and its functions are established by Chapter 5 (Parole) of the Act. There are two types of parole in Queensland:

  • Board Ordered Parole—prisoners are sentenced to a period of imprisonment, given a parole eligibility date and must apply to the Board for release on a parole order; and
  • Court Ordered Parole—prisoners, not including those prisoners sentenced for sexual offences or serious violent offences, are sentenced to a period of imprisonment of three years or less and given a parole release date fixed by the

As an independent statutory authority, the Board has legislative power under the Act to make decisions with respect to:

  • applications for Board Ordered Parole;
  • applications for exceptional circumstances parole;
  • applications for parole that fall under section 193A of the Act where a victim’s body or remains have not been located (No Body No Parole);
  • applications for parole that fall under section 193B of the Act where the applicant has links to terrorism
  • amending, suspending or cancelling a parole order; and
  • confirming or setting aside a decision to immediately suspend a prisoner’s parole

QCS is responsible for the case management and supervision (including re-integration) of prisoners including prisoners released on parole.

Last updated: 7 April 2020